X8Currency is the only digital currency that offers an alternative to value preservation assets. An AI trades 8 currencies and gold in its basket to fight inflation whilst remaining fully liquid and cash backed.

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With the X8X license token you benefit from unlimited free use of the X8currency!

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How our digital currencies work?

We have designed two stable digital currencies: X8Currency – fully backed by 8 major currencies and gold, X8 Dollar – fully backed by USD deposits. X8X is a licence that gives access to frictionless interaction between clients and the stable currency issuer with all the benefits.


X8 Currency

New form of money, which stays stable, preserves value and buys you the same amount of goods now or in the future, wherever you are.

Safe through independence from centralized FIAT

Liquid by being 100% backed by cash and gold

Convertible into any of the world’s TOP currencies

Inflation Shield by Artificial Intelligence – ARM AI

X8 Dollar

Enhanced form of US Dollar on blockchain, which shields against inflation and is simple to use in US Dollar commerce.

Stable through diversification of non-USD exchange risk

Liquid by being 100% backed by USD deposit

In advantage when USD trends higher world-wide

Inflation Shield by Artificial Intelligence – ARM AI


X8X is a reusable and permanent license to full benefits of X8C and X8D, which also opens benefits for the user when using other X8 products. As a license, X8X is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token operating on blockchain for reasons of security and transparency.

Grants lifetime 0% fee for X8 Currency & X8 Dollar

Increases Asset Management products’ performance

Entry ticket to ioNectar Platform

Full X8 AG’s Fintech Pack Access plus future releases

Opportunity! Our product sales make X8X scarcer

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    Automatic Reserve Management AI

    The ARM Portfolio risk management AI, which operates the reserves of the X8 currency, was developed over 10 years. It has been operational since 2015 and has generated a transaction volume of over $1 Billion for clients in the traditional financial industry.

    Implementing new technology can be unnerving. It will encourage you to know that there are already businesses like yours leading the way.

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