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X8 AG and Sterling Gent group of companies enter into institutional partnership

26th April 2019

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X8 project releases beta version of stable token dashboard

24th April 2019

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X8 project completes the brand assets pack for all branches of business

15th March 2019

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X8 project’s new strategy and revitalization

2nd March 2019

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X8 presented at Futuretech Decentralised event in Dubai

21st – 22nd November 2018

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Swiss cryptocurrency firm X8 obtains Islamic finance certification

12th November 2018

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X8 developers overseeing the upgrade of our servers

9th November 2018

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How to protect yourself from crypto scams in the UAE

29th October 2018

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X8X trading is live on Latoken!

20th September 2018

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Salon International des Femmes Entrepreneures

April 2019

Paris, France

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Dubai Futuretech Decentralized 4.0

22nd November 2018

Dubai, UAE

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New Age Banking Summit

18th September 2018

Doha, Qatar

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Bloomberg Global Leaders Forum

3rd April 2018

Dubai, UAE

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Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018

28th – 29th March 2018

Dubai, UAE

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Blockchain in Finance

14th – 15th March 2018

Rome, Italy

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Payment processor demonstration 1

Payment processor demonstration 2

Global Leaders Forum panel 1

Global Leaders Forum panel 2

Global Leaders Forum panel 3

Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018