We have noticed that people sometimes confuse the various aspects of the X8 project, which is a comprehensive array of services centred around our proprietary AI technology. Since new designs for the products are soon to be presented, we feel a brief update related to branding is in order.

We focused on creating iconic logos in cooperation with some of the best designers. They are meant to be completely unique and that people easily and quickly memorize them. They will be becoming more and more recognizable as they will be presenting our products and businesses worldwide.

These designs are able to communicate the essence of each product to our future clients and stay relevant on the long term because they are very much in sync with what lies at the core of each product. Therefore, they will better and faster trigger the understanding of the unique traits for each product.

In the coming days we will make all of these iconic logos visible on their own respective websites:


  • X8 AG is a Swiss fintech company driving the business with technological innovation it produces with its long-term vision. The company covers the area of ensuring financial stability, including for the traditional and the digital financial environment. This has been well incorporated in the logo of the X8 AG, which is very stable and fintech like with recognizable blockchain appearance. The approach of the company is very strategic. It is about delivering high end products and achieving excellency in investment portfolio risk control. For each segment of the market looking for value preservation the company developed a dedicated product to be able to easier satisfy the needs of individual target audience, from sophisticated experts and institutions on one hand, and to wide base of non-professional users of financial products on the other.


  • ioNectar is a separate fintech product. An operating customizable portfolio risk management platform. ioNectar logo represents curves that are also part of the core of portfolio risk management, making the connection between the logo and the content of the product behind the name.
  • X8currency is a digital value preservation currency business, addressing the trends in blockchain. X8currency is backed by a portfolio of 8 currencies and gold coins. The design of the logo shows it in a form of a coin, visible in gold colours with an advanced figure of 8 in the centre.
  • X Wallet is one of a kind product representing the most intelligent wallet in the world. Our fintech company developed a mechanism that creates an automatic wallet for value preservation with many functions. The vision of the X8 AG is to move further into this direction and integrate all of the capabilities of the fintech in the coming future.


  • Alpine Asset Management is a Swiss company with a strong financial background necessary for the business of asset management. Alps are the strength of the Swiss region and they have been depicted in the logo of the Alpine Asset Management AG in an iconic way. The logo is a classic, yet at the same time compatible with the modern Fintech trends, where a lot of the advantages of the Alpine company is coming from. Alpine Asset Management AG is capable of taking the power of the Fintech and transforming it into benefits available for various types of clients through asset management services.


We are also happy to announce that ioNectar as well as X8currency are already registered business trademarks in the following jurisdictions: EU, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, India and China with intention to expand to other jurisdictions.

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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