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As we have announced recently, the completed product range of the X8 Project covers traditional as well as digital asset management services. Risk control is the first requirement for survival success in financial industry. The X8 Project’s awareness of this fact is embodied in all of the products with AI’s portfolio risk management as the key feature. Asset management is brought to a new level with high performance computing delivering fast high precision executability of investment process.



Alpine Asset Management (AAM) is moving to the market with more than just an innovative digital solution for asset management clients. The company created an entire range of offerings and complemented it with prepared communication materials. With this the Swiss asset management service provider is aiming to place its product range in a broader world-wide market and capitalize on the capable fintech technology, driving many processes in the background.

Alpine always guarantees objective, unbiased and verified choices of investment options for the client, when he or she is making investment decisions. The investor will have access to a semi-annual review of the fundamental risk & rewards situation depending on the broader market environment at that point in time. During each revision Alpine will seek investor’s cooperation to re-examine the alignment of the investors plans with already accepted and implemented parameters made at the initial point of the investment or during the last semi-annual review.

The Alpine Asset Management AG is a regulated asset management company under the ARIF SRO.



The products are tailored to the individual needs of clients with various investment profiles. The investors will be able to sign the agreements with the Alpine Asset Management AG company and choose the level of risk and targeted returns. The options available will cover Conservative, Return, Dynamic and Balanced, however each individual will be able to choose the exact plan, which works for his or her specific purposes.

Traditional asset management is based on three key parameters that can be selected by each investor from the available range. These three parameters consist of planned investment duration, maximum risk of loss and the resulting rate of return expectancy.

Maximum investment risk and worst case scenario are defined in advance. Non-speculative diversification techniques actively target market independent outcome with AI finding a greater number of smaller opportunities instead of a few larger ones, executing them evenly and continuously over a period of time to cumulatively generate a larger investment opportunity pool.

As an addition to the product range, the Swiss company also offers sophisticated custom solutions to satisfy even the most demanding professional and institutional investors, which will also be able to obtain the service from the AAM on a B2B basis and redistribute it to the clients in their own business.



AAM is one of the first companies that is entering the market of digital asset management and offers a simple solution to complex crypto markets.

This digital asset management product is most suited to those, who are seeking for something more when investing into crypto markets, but at the same time would like to rely on the experience and proven risk management techniques capable of delivering a market scenario independent outcome.

24/7 market participation in a regulated exchange environment with a basket of top 5 cryptocurrencies is AAM’s service targeting the investors who are looking for a solution to generate returns in the crypto market when the market is in recession. With the lack of strong positive price trends the only way to achieve upside is through actively managing the assets, a service available at AAM marked by systematic, automated and diversified investment strategy with instant liquidity for prompt exit into cash.

Therefore with the completion of the entire AM package the company starts a new period in its development aiming to become recognizable for the quality of service and also winning market share with serious investors looking for fresh uncorrelated investment options.



David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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