World’s first true value preservation digital currency

What to look for in a digital currency


Risk management AI developed over 10 years for traditional FinTech, $1B in transactions since 2015.


Its ability to fight inflation comes from proven and tested AI operated risk management software.


Fiat currency foundation enables daily volume in billions without affecting the price.


Triple-redundant Swiss architecture and gold reserves fully utilise the advantages of the Swiss financial ecosystem.

Relaxing while AI is managing your wealth with no possibility of human error is just one of the benefits of X8 Curreny

What is X8 Currency (X8C)?

X8Currency is an Ethereum Token, 100% backed by 8 fiat (cash) currencies. Each token is represented with assets deposited on bank and broker accounts, which are actively managed by the proprietary software, Automatic Reserve Management AI.

Combined liquidity of world’s TOP currencies

Independent of any individual currency’s movement

Payment instrument designed for worldwide settlements

Preserves value and guards against market shocks

Lowest costs when holding the X8X license  

If you are an institutional or a professional investor, you can buy X8C now!
If you already onboarded during the ICO as a non-professional, you can buy too!

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