Value preservation US Dollar based digital currency

X8Dollar is the only digital currency that offers a new alternative to value preservation in USD assets.

What to look for in a digital currency

X8 Dollar is 100% backed by USD (Cash). Each digital dollar is represented with assets deposited in bank accounts.


Risk management AI developed over 10 years for traditional FinTech, $1B in transactions since 2015.


X8 Dollar is not as safe as the X8 Currency, but it is still stable in USD terms.


Fiat currency foundation enables daily volume in billions without affecting the price.


Triple-redundant Swiss architecture and gold reserves fully utilise the advantages of the Swiss financial ecosystem.

Relaxing while AI is managing your wealth with no possibility of human error is just one of the benefits of X8 Dollar

What is X8 Dollar

X8 Dollar is the first enhanced version of the US Dollar after many decades. It is 100% backed by US Dollar deposits managed by AI, which is actively protecting the portfolio in the market to preserve value of the deposited assets and to fight against inflation.

Liquidity benefit of the world’s largest currency

Price stability even for larger transactions

Improved value over fixed US Dollar deposits

Avoid negative interest rates for your savings

Lowest costs when holding the X8X license

If you are an institutional or a professional investor, you can buy X8D now!
If you already onboarded during the ICO as a non-professional, you can buy too!

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    Automatic Reserve Management AI

    The ARM Portfolio risk management AI, which operates the reserves of the X8 currency, was developed over 10 years. It has been operational since 2015 and has generated a transaction volume of over $1 Billion for clients in the traditional financial industry.

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